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Pot Cards Collection

It contains post cards, leaflets and brochures in various languages - both sides, with topics: Old Vratsa, Hristo Botev square, Natural and cultural-historical sights, Easter cards, Christmas and New Year cards, Vratsa Balkan, and Holy places - churches and monasteries. 


Photographs Collection:

Black and white and colour photographs, both sides, from various period of the 20th century, with topics: Vratsa and Vratsa Region, Life style and traditions, Holidays and customs, Traditional apparel, Municipal cultural centres and life therein, Schools, Churches and monasteries, Natural sights, etc.


Authentic folklore - records Collection:

Digitalized folk songs, legends and traditions, local historical narratives, fairy tales and rites - festive folk calendar, traditional crafts and labour activities, children's games and spells, folk meteorology and medicine transferred and processed from analogous sound medium. 


Heritage - books, medleys and anniversary sheets Collection:

Books from the series of publications of Regional Library Hristo Botev - Roden kray (Homeland) and Nasledstvo (Heritage); Almanacs and local historical collections, anniversary editions. This collection comprises materials (texts and presentations) from 10 regional local history conferences carried out headed "The past of the homeland - message to the future".


Hristo Botev Collection:

Books, medleys, anniversary sheets and other documents (posters, agendas, invitations, etc.) related to the tradition of Botev commemoration festivities, the Kozloduy-Okolchitsa march, etc. The thematic collection includes also rare local publications, dedicated to Hristo Botev and his revolutionaries; the places where Botev and his detachment had some respite from Kozloduy to Vratsa Balkan. 




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