Cross Border Center of Information
and Communication Dolj-Vratsa


”Alexandru and Aristia Aman” County Library has organised in 03.07.2013, in the Great Hall of the County Council Dolj, the launching conference of the ”Cross-Border Center of Information and Communication Dolj-Vratsa” project, financed within the Programme of Cross-Border Cooperation, Romania-Bulgaria 2007-2013, the first priority axis: Accesibility - the improvement of the mobility and access to the transport, information and communication’s infrastructure in the cross-border region; The second domain of intervention- the development of the networks and of the information and communication services in the cross-border region. Code: MIS-ETC CODE 666.

Within the conference have participated, in addition to the representatives of the County Library, as a second partner in the project, representatives of the County Council Dolj, as a Lidership Partner, representatives of The Regional Library „Hristo Botev”-Vratsa, as the third partner and of The Administration of the Vratsa District, the fourth partner, plus assignees of the romanian and bulgarian mass-media.

The following have adressed:

  • Cristinel Iovan, Vice-President of the County Council Dolj, Romania;
  • Eng. Diplomat Ventsislav Vasiliev, Governer, the Administration of Vratsa District, Bulgaria;
  • Ileana Majină, Project Manager, Director of the European Direction of Affaires, County Council Dolj, Romania;
  • Elena Stoilova, Director within the District Administration, Vratsa;
  • Silvia Vrachovska, director of  The Regional Library „Hristo Botev”, Vratsa;
  • Lucian Dindirică, Manager of ”Alexandru and Aristia Aman” County Library.

During the conference, the introductory presentation was realised by Vice-President of the County Council Dolj, Mr. Cristinel Iovan.

He apreciated the existence of  the Programme of Cross-Border Cooperation, Romania-Bulgaria 2007-2013, which gives the possibility of financing some projects of both communities with European funds, he also emphasised that the European Union future financial exercise, 2014-2020, which emplies a part regarding the cross-border romanian-bulgarian cooperation, must be applied as good as possible by the authorities from both countries. Also, Mr. Cristinel Iovan appreciated the fact that the romanian-bulgarian connections have been and will continue at the highest level.

The governer of the Vratsa district, Ventsislav Vasiliev, has assured the representant of Dolj administration that this collaboration will further continue, and expressed his confidence that between 2014 and 2020 we will develop other projects, as well.

Mr. Lucian Dindirică, Manager of ”Alexandru and Aristia Aman” County Library, mentioned that the project targets reabilitation works of the Cross-Border Center of Information and Communication in Dolj, furnishing and IT equipment endowment, the construction of the virtual cross-border network of information and communication, through the creation of a common website and of a brothering network of the cultural and informational institutions, with a role of preserving the documents with a historical character, the most important part of the project being the cultural one. The most important in his opinion is the fact that  a number of heritage books from the Dolj and Vratsa library,and also some volume regarding the Danube history, ”will be brought to light by scanning at the highest standard.” He mentioned that at Dolj County’s Headquarters, as to the other institutions envolved in the project, performant video-conference systems will be installed, as well as systems of communication through the internet, with free access for romanian and bulgarian students.

On the other side, Ileana Măjină, Director of the European Direction of Affaires and Regional Development of the County Council Dolj, remarked that ”this project started under the most favourable auspices” and showed confidence in the success of the project, an assurance being the presence, for the first time in Craiova, of the Governer of Vratsa district, Ventsislav Vasiliev, and the declared disponibility of the former, in favour of as many collaboration as possible between the regions. ”There will be a lot of concrete benefic results. We will dispose of entirely necessary equipments, including this Administrative’s Palace hall for meetings. But there will also exist some spiritual benefits.”

Mrs. Elena Stoilova appreciated the special collaboration between The Administration of the Vratsa District and the County Council Dolj and also the availability to further continue the collaboration between the two counties.

The Director of  The Regional Library „Hristo Botev”, Vratsa, Mrs. Silvia Vrachovska, mentioned both libraries’ will of visiting entire collections, of building a common cross-gate and an information center through wich free access will be offered for the citizens of both countries. 



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